The Software Application and Innovation Lab is a group at Boston University that works on developing software for chosen research projects. As a Graphic Design and UI Development Intern, I not only worked one of the projects, but was also able lead their website redesign (coming out soon!)

Tech Stuff:
  • Implement Asteroids game fuctionality using HTML Canvas / JS
  • Implement designs from mockups into code
  • Reformat content in CSS Grid instead of HTML tables
Design Stuff:
  • Conducting interviews and design sessions for company brand
  • Creative concept development for new interactive website
  • Designing mockups in Adobe Illustrator / XD
Old SAIL design
Testing Asteriods Canvas game
Mobile version

SAIL is an innovative group of developers "not just looking to make a another MEAN stack application", and they wanted that to reflect in the website.

SAIL logo

The logo is known for the colorful triangles and on the old site design the colorful triangles moved over on mouseover.

The company also had these (rare!) t-shirt designs that were in black, and used the outlines of these bright colors. This was a really compelling design and I immediately started playing with black to incorporate this "dark mode" of the website back into their visuals.

dark mode SAIL t-shirt
playing around