Campbell Lab

I worked with Campbell Labs, part of Boston University's Department of Computational Biomedicine, to redesign and develop their exisiting Wordpress site.

Tech Stuff:
  • Create SVG morph animation with HTML / CSS / JS
  • Setup FTP client to make it easier to upload code to Wordpress site (is this really a tech contribution...)
Design Stuff:
  • Website redesign
  • Logo design
Old site homepage
New site design animation

The way this lab works with biological information is they represent the probability that a gene will appear in a cell in something called a Dirilecht distribution.

Dirilecht distribution

Taking into consideration this constant conversion between biological and mathematical data, I started creating sketched animations so the graphics for the lab could visualize this flow from cell to data.

We used IBM Plex Mono because i love IBM Plex Mono.

The colors are derived from gene expression maps. Red/green was an initial thought but then changed to blues and oranges due to color-blindness issues in these graphs.